Mama Said Sew fuels our inspiration and gives creation a home.

Nothing makes Angela Gray or her friendly staff happier than seeing a look of deep satisfaction spread across a person’s face  when they make something beautiful with their own hands. In a world of planned obsolescent and cheaply made products Mamas Said Sew offers us something special.

Over the years, Home Economics courses disappeared from our schools, and maybe that’s a good thing. As Angela, who opened Mama Said Sew in April of 2010, remembers, Home Ec. had a stiff emphasis on precision over enjoyment. When you walk into her fabric shop and Creation Station on Mountain Ave. in Old Town Fort Collins it’s obvious from the bright colors, eclectic furniture, and vintage decor that Mama Said Sew embraces our playful, creative, and whimsical sides. Enjoyment comes first. Mama Said Sew stands out as a unique, purposeful place in the retail landscape of Fort Collins.

Exciting new fabrics pop onto the racks every month. Mama Said Sew carries high quality fabric from designers like Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Etsuko Furuya’s Echino fabrics, and Whitney Crutchfield’s locally-made line.

Angela and her staff aren’t running a big fluorescent-lit showroom where you have to fend for yourself, they’re interested in your projects—they want to help. Mama Said Sew opened their doors out of love for the handmade, to help people make useful clothing and art, to express themselves and dress themselves in clothes that will last.

Angela and her staff helps keep alive valuable crafting skills by passing them on to a new generation of makers. The shop is always full of a dynamic mix of crafters young and old. This mission of connecting people and supporting their work is personal, the shop connects Angela to generations of women in her family who made opening her business possible. Angela remembers her mother and grandmother sewing, her father building models. She started crafting when she was five, quilted in her teens and twenties, and now makes clothes for her kids. This deep history helps Angela take the risk of opening and running her own small business.

Through all the challenges of owning her own store Angela takes her responsibility to the community seriously and supports other like-minded groups. Mama Said Sew shows up at community markets, cupcake bake-offs, and other events giving our town it’s rich culture.

As a growing part of Fort Collins’ art scene and handmade movement, Mama Said Sew’s doors are open to everyone. If you just want to learn how to sew a button back on a shirt, or if you want to make a shirt to sew buttons onto, they’ve got what you need. Mama Said Sew offers classes, monthly crafty nights, 1:1 lessons, and space to work. The shop, like an unfinished garment, is a work-in-progress come back, get involved, join the community.

Written by Charlie Malone
Photo by De Fiore Photography